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What's been happening around the world, last week is another sign that enough is enough. Like so many, I've been struggling to find my voice. What is my voice on anti-racism? That's exactly the problem. By being silent, by not standing for what we believe in, by not speaking up when we see injustice, we are compliant and therefore part of the systemic system.

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to educate myself, to understand more about diversity and inclusivity. It's not that I don't understand. I'm Jewish - second generation holocaust - I know a lot about persecution, being a minority, being hated, about anti-semitism.

Truth is I have never experienced it myself. That's part of the problem. The other part is that I'm white and have white supremacy and white privileges, not often afforded to POC - I simply don't go around thinking about these things and that's wrong and needs to change.

Mapology Guides are illustrated self-help maps for life's journey. They are tools to help people become more resilient and emotionally cope better with life. We are dedicated to self-development and mental health. This is an area I would like to explore - how different is it for black people and POC when it comes to mental health?

How can we better support black people in business, tap more into the creative black community? Now is the time for deep learning. We will never really understand but I'm committing to educate myself and others. Here's to our educational journey. I look forward to it.