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Blurt Foundation care packages

What a year 2020 has been. What better news than the results of the US election. Second to that is receiving a 'hug in a box' - a care package by the wonderful Blurt Foundation.

Jayne Hardy, The Blurt Foundation, Kind words for unkind days

For those not familiar with the Blurt Foundation, they are the go to for everything depression and anxiety. You will find incredible free resources in terms of blogs and information. They also have a 'shop with purpose'.

One of their products is a monthly Buddy Box (products are not revealed until they arrive with the recipients). Another is their BYOBB - build your own care package where you can choose what products you would like to be inserted in the box.

I was gifted this box here because Jayne Hardy, the founder and CEO of the Blurt Foundation has a new book that launches on the 12th November and is inserted in their November Buddy Box.

Kind words for unkind days could not be more apt right now. Kindness is the new sexy. If anything, the pandemic has shown us that kindness and community spirit can be such a source of comfort, even in our darkest days.

Kind words for unkind days, Jayne Hardy, Orion Spring publishers

And what better time to gift loved ones, yourself, or indeed someone in need a care package - full of treats and goodies designed to help anyone struggling in these tough times. If it's for you, that's self-care right there, and really important right now. If for someone else - imagine how special they'll feel, knowing someone is thinking of them.

A really special and beautiful treat for anyone.