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Curiosity is a superpower


Curiosity, or the strong desire to learn or know something, originates from the Latin word ‚curious, eager to know, inquisitive.

As children, we are born with an almost insatiable curiosity. Best example is the constant questioning of why? As we get older we become more rigid, more self-conscious.

As adults, we become less curious about the world and less willing to experiment. New experiences are mostly reduced to trying different restaurants or maybe a new clothes shop. As adults, we stop asking why?

I believe that being more child-like as adults is super important. Nurturing a deep curiosity about our world, and other people, supports our continued growth and self-development.

There are so many advantages to being curious. Here are a few:

* you will learn more
* have greater imagination
* experience better creativity
* recognise more innovation
* understand others better
* have more empathy
* become a better listeners
* stay younger
* experience more joy

One way to stimulate your curiosity, and to challenge yourself a little, is to ask the question: 'What do I know to be true?' It's not the kind of question one can answer in an instant. It's the kind of question that can lead to further questions and make you think a little different. It might even challenge some of your belief systems, but that's a good think and the first step to becoming more open-minded and more curious.

Here is to all the curiosity junkies. Welcome.

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