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Give a meaningful gift this season

Gifting can be challenging and finding the right gift for loved ones even more so.

Give a meaningful gift

Even when it comes to gifting self-care presents, traditionally most people settle on something for the body and within people's comfort zones. I'm thinking perfumes, baths salts, candles or even some fancy alcohol.

In recent years we've seen the trend of affirmations take hold, be it on cards, posters, clothing or objects like journals and mugs.Those affirmations are wonderfully soothing and reminders of staying aware and being in the here and now. They make us feel all warm and understood.

If we go one step further and take a leap, maybe a gift that promises to address some of the problems and dilemmas people are facing could be a good idea. Challenging - yes - but actually most of our issues are in our minds and there's no greater love than to help people we care for practice self-awareness and self-knowledge.

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