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Happy Hours at Mapology Guides HQ

Phew. Where to begin?

Well, for now, let's start at the end. It's been an exciting rollercoaster... and without the incredible talent we have on board, none of this would have materialised.

A few days ago, after the initial panic has subsided, we all got together (except Simon) and shared a little bubbly, some baked cheesecake, a tale or two and a whole lot of laughter. After all, it's time to celebrate the birth of Mapology Guides.

We got the teams to sign their respective posters. Here they go....

Jenni Sparks, illustrator (left) and John-Paul Flintoff, writer (Team: What's Bugging You?)

Nanna Koekoek, illustrator (left) and Sarah Farley, writer (Team: Matchmaking pets & people)

Miranda Sofroniou, illustrator, looking a little lost without her team partner Simon Rodway, who sadly couldn't join us. (Team: Be Present Perfect)

If you want to read up on the beginnings of Mapology Guides and some of the creative process, hop over to my blog for a full reveal!