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How to instantly feel better about your life

Would you like to instantly feel better about your life? 

Sometimes when we are feeling down, it can seem like climbing Mount Everest. Even the tiniest effort seems just too much. I know it just too well. What I like to do is break it down into mini steps. I tell myself that I only need to do one thing and that this one thing will make me feel instantly better. I then build from there.

Text: 8 ways to instantly make you feel better about your life

Here are eight ways to instantly help you feel better about your life.

1. Get some proper deep sleep
Easier said than done for some. This is definitely a modern malaise. People are so overstimulated that they find it difficult to get any sleep. I don't have a quick fix answer for this, but if you struggle with getting proper deep sleep, this in itself can turn your world upside down. Please seek help. 

2. Forgive yourself
Ah, yes, a biggie. Many people are very harsh on themselves. We all make mistakes, we all say the wrong things. There is really very little that cannot either be fixed or learned from. This is a bigger topic and I will blog about it for the next newsletter (#111). But for now, just tell yourself: I FORGIVE YOU.

3. YES! Learn to say NO. We have a Mapology Guide for this one

How to grow your NO Mapology Guide

4. Master your inner chat box
The inner chat box is powerful and knows all the tricks in the book. It knows how to get to you, how to push your buttons. If you let it, it will win! Try and be aware of your inner voice. When I first started learning about my inner chat box I decided to try this trick. When it get too much for you, just say out loud (I mean loud!!): STOP! It worked for me, why not try it and see whether it'll work for you too.

5. Start something today
This is such a powerful way to instantly feel better. Starting something could mean you are thinking about it, making notes, putting time in your diary. Or it can mean to literally do something you've been putting off. What about something like laundry or cooking a dish. It can be anything. Anything that you might have put off. I promise you once you do it you will feel instantly better. 

6. Fail and fail often
OK, this might not be instant, but it could be. Maybe you failed at something today or any day and just can't let it go. LET IT GO! Failing is good, healthy, it helps with being resilient, resourceful. It helps with everything and yet society makes us feel shameful if we fail. F*ck that. 

7. Get vulnerable
Yes, tell him, her how you feel. Express yourself. Communicate. Have a cry. Believe me, however uncomfortable it may feel right now - this will become your super power. One word of caution. If people don't get you when you show your vulnerability, the harsh truth is, they are not your people.

8. Ignore what other's think of you
One of my favourite points. This will come with confidence and for some with age. It really doesn't matter what other people think - this is your journey, your life, your gig.