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Lies have short legs: it was one lie too many

Lies have short legs

I don't know about you but I woke up on Friday 8th July feeling full of hope, joy, lightness and excitement. Why? Because here in the UK, we have finally rid ourselves of someone who lacks empathy, conscience, guilt and failed to ever take any responsibility.

Boris Johnson never accepted he was at fault, so he instinctively blamed other people - or other external factors - for all negative events.

An illustrated clown, resembling Boris JohnsonIllustration: Nanna Koekoek

Even his resignation speech was full of how brilliant he was, how much he achieved and not one word of apology or some kind of remorse.

This post is not about politics or which political party should be in power. This is about an individual devoid of integrity and morality. Yet, such dysfunctional people often rise to power. It comes easy to them. We've seen this with Donald Trump.

Fortunately, these very same people do end up falling from grace as slowly but surely they loose the trust and support from everyone working with them.

Many people knew Boris is delusional and a pathological liar, yet he rose to the most powerful job in the land. Politics is always ripe with lies and scheming, but what most leaders in democratic states have in common is they are fundamentally conscientious and moral people. Boris has no morals.

I grew up with 'Boris like' people. Some might say that people accused of dishonesty don't necessarily intentionally lie. They just don't have a fixed notion of truth. They are often self-absorbed, disconnected, narcissistic and believe whatever suits their view of reality. They have a strong tendency towards self-deception. It's that combination that's so unnerving, dangerous and makes us feel angry, hurt and often unseen. They are not all bad people, they are literally delusional and truly believe their stories. And yet it is those people who never seek psychotherapy. That would mean admitting to an imperfect image of themselves.

Everyone said Teresa May was boring. Give me boring any day over what we just had to live through with Boris, a truly toxic spell.

Here's to getting back to morality and knowing right from wrong.

But Boris, if you happen to read this.... why not send me your address (now different to No.10) and I will happily post out to you our WHO ARE YOU? Mapology Guide. Best to work through the map with some of your MP's that resigned. Like this, they will tell you the truth.