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New Mapology Guide: The Anger Apothecary

So very chuffed to announce the launch of a brand new Mapology Guide, the first one for 2019.

A juicy topic, don't you think?
In this latest guide we are dispensing advice on how to manage our anger, from the quick fixes to the longer term solutions.

The Anger Apothecary - dispensing advice for managing this strong emotion

Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by Jenni Sparks // 
Written by Lottie Storey

What makes you angry?

Most of us don't have the tools to manage strong emotions. And anger is one of the strongest us humans experience. Anger can be scary, both when it rises within us and when we're on the receiving end of someone else's rage. Channelled correctly, though, it's one of our most powerful teachers.

This guide will help you understand this powerful emotion. Learn to do anger well and use your powers for good!

Some details of The Anger Apothecary - all illustrations Jenni Sparks

Here's a fun fact. Jenni was the first illustrator we contacted when we formed Mapology Guides. That's when What's Bugging You? was born. It seemed fitting to ask Jenni to illustrate our latest offerings. She was just the right person to do so as she explains in her bio inside the map.

Why not hop over to the shop and see further information.