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New Mapology Guide: The Sea of Uncertainty

Here at Mapology Guides HQ we are celebrating a bit of a milestone. We've just launched map No.10, entitled: The Sea of Uncertainty - how to stay afloat in challenging times.

The Sea of Uncertainty Mapology Guide

The Sea of Uncertainty how to stay afloat in challenging times

Concept and Design Tina Bernstein // Illustrated by Ben Langworthy// 
Written by Lottie Storey

Every generation has its challenges - the ones that leave us all at sea - and today is no different. Right now, many of us have heads full of environmental concerns, political upheaval, financial worries as well as the things that cause internal turmoil.

Comparison, feelings of anxiety, lack of self worth can feel like a storm that never breaks, leaving us on the rocks. We're overwhelmed and in danger of going overboard. But like a pearl in an oyster, challenges often have opportunities concealed deep within. The trick is figuring out where the treasure is buried.

This guide will help you adapt and become resilient, conquer fear and dive into the unknown.

The Sea of Uncertainty Mapology Guide

The Sea of Uncertainty Mapology Guide

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