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Online learning platforms

Online learning blog post, Andy Warhol inspired, Tina Bernstein

We all know how technology has changed so many industries. One such industry is education and how we learn.

Who remembers the afternoon Photoshop courses in a dark basement office for the price of £700 per delegate? I do! Well, those days are over. Not quite it seems, there are still people out there making a mint in teaching courses like photoshop for a day or weekend, but this time they're held in beautiful big white warehouse spaces surrounded by food, balloons and flowers.

These days I mostly opt for online courses because these new breed of online platforms have really transformed the way we can now learn a new skill or simply satisfy a hobby.

Here are my two preferred online platforms and I can't recommend their courses enough. I've taken quite a few and will highlight some of my favourites.


Classes taken and recommended:

The modern marketing workshop
Seth Godin

The new business toolbox: help your new business do it right the first time
Seth Godin

Become a connector: the impresario institute
Seth Godin

Illustrating Patterns: Creating hand-Drawn Wallpaper
Julia Rothman, Illustrator

Character Illustrations: From feelings to Faces
Christine Flemming (linked to all her classes)

Map making: Learn how to communicate places beautifully
Anne Ditmeyer (linked to all her classes)

Photoshop Yourself: Learn how to Transform a Portrait
Ty, W... Designer & Illustrator

Basic Watercolours: learn painting with Paper Fashion
Katie Rodgers

For anyone looking to make a career as an illustrator, go check out Lisa Congdon's newest class (launched yesterday 1st September).
Professional Practice in illustration: Following a creative brief and executing an Assignment.

Now to the second platform, equally brilliant and focusing on craft classes and workshops.


My favourite so far has been

Sketchbook Explorations
Lisa Congdon

As we've approached Autumn and days are getting shorter, I look forward to learning as much as I can.