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Valentine oh Valentine

Valentine's Day is a curious phenomena and many either love or loathe it. Let's not judge, but let's use this day to be mindful about relationships and how we can learn to appreciate each other.

Some vibrant Anemones ‚Tina Bernstein

Now, of course I'm no expert at it all but I wanted to use this post to suggest some alternative ways to 'gift' to each other on this day. And gifting does not necessarily only mean goods bought with monetary value.

Read this wonderful post by Content Beauty & Wellbeing on the ancient art of gift giving.

© Content Beauty & Wellbeing

I have to start with our own Be Present Perfect map, a helpful guide to get the right gifts for everyone, every time, which has now retired and is out of print.
With over 250+ suggestions you'll find something for everyone. There's a 14% discount until Valentine's Day so be a step ahead of everyone.

Then there is the DIY method. All around the world, people send each other Snail mail. Yep, you read correctly. That still does exist. I recently got this beautiful package sent to me by Giova from One Bunting Away. Get on making!

I've been into health and the magical healing powers of nutritional food since 1993 when I visited my first nutritionist. I've read many health food books and have had first hand experience with many health practitioners. We live in a society where everyone is advocating another way of eating. The truth is that we're all individuals and have to find the right way for us and our families. It's a maze out there.

I cannot recommend the The Art of Eating Well by the fantastic Hemsley+Hemsley sisters enough. It's the definitive tome of everything you need to know about eating a healthy diet for you and your family. Packed with great tips, tricks, recipes and a wealth of information, this would make a perfect gift for man, woman, family member.

My own copy.

Staying in for Valentine's Night? If you haven't heard of it yet, let me introduce you to the Empathy Library founded by Empathy guru extraordinaire Roman Krznaric. You can read my interview with Roman.

The Empathy Library is a digital treasure house to share inspiring books and films to spark a global empathy revolution. The perfect reading and viewing for couples at anytime of the year. Why not join the library.

The exciting news is that this summer sees the world's first Empathy Museum. An experiential adventure space that I cannot wait to visit. What better than to experience for us to step into the shoes of others and explore the world through their eyes. The Museum will launch online and at the Southbank Centre in London.

To conclude, yes, by all means celebrate Valentine's Day, gift each other, be nice to each other. On a wider scale it's good to be mindful at all times of what we appreciate and love about each other all year round.

I simply had to include this wonderful short clip by The School of Life.

Happy Valentine's Day people.