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What happens after Covid 19?

I've been self-isolating for just over four weeks so have had plenty of time to reflect.

I'm trying to imagine the world after we emerge from this and go back to some sort of 'normal' life again. Whatever normal is. I'm wondering how government and big corporates will deal with this.

Personally I think the UK government has a lot to answer for. So many mistakes have been made. People's lives put at risk. But this is for another time.

Today, my thoughts go towards how we might be coerced to go back to 'the way we were'. But this is exactly what I want to raise here. What is it you want to put back into your life? This is such a unique opportunity to define a new version of 'normal life' for each and all of us.

Many of you reading this will have heard me say that this crisis feels very much like Mother nature sent us naughty kids into our rooms to think about the life we are leading and what we're doing to Earth, our home.

Apart from acknowledging how this pandemic has shown the world that the environmental crisis is man-made, we have the additional good fortune to build our own map for advancing forward. What will your map include? Think about what enriches your life, makes your kids happier, enables you to have better relationships, more fulfilling work. What do you want to watch, eat, how do you want to travel? Do you want to live a simpler life?

This is on a personal scale. Now think about the wider communities. What events do you want to attend? How and who with do you want to spend your money? How can you be an active member of your local community?

This pandemic has shown us that the NHS is valuable, that homeless people can be taken off the street and given shelter. We are witnessing unprecedented possibilities that only took a few weeks to sort out - by releasing the right kind of funding. And by God, after asking for 250.000 volunteers, 750.000 have stepped up! (I'm one of them) We are a great country.

Do you want to protect our nurses and doctors from the next pandemic? Do you want homeless people to come off the street and helped towards a better way of life? Do we want to continue this incredible feeling we are all having because we realise that we do care deeply about each other?

Then make a pact with yourself to stay awake, in your lane, and somehow hold on to what this unique moment in time feels like. Before you know it, we will be bombarded with messages that will feel very much like pre-covid19.

Demand more from government and corporations. Let's not go back to bullshit. Show them that you are awake, an active citizen and that you from now on expect more equality for everyone, seek the truth and nothing but the truth. Because, let's be honest, we all have one life and each one of us deserves to be living our full potential. So, let's all speak up, take responsibility, live more pro-active and make it happen!