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Who Are You? Jigsaw Puzzle

We were so excited when our Who Are You? 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle finally launched at the end of November 2021 (due to global distribution issues).

Adapted from our Who Are You? Mapology Guide, we worked with the wonderful Galison Puzzles to bring this to life. The background colour has been changed, as well as a couple of decks.

Who Are You? Mapology Guide

Who Are You? is all about playing your way to the life you want!

What if you could devise the life you crave for yourself? To change direction? Take action? Regain control? To develop self-understanding? Be able to better answer 'Who Are You?'

While you are doing the puzzle, some thoughts and ideas might pop into your head. Maybe keep a note book or journal handy for those flashing moments that can pass by in an instance.

Illustrated by Laurie Avon, over the Christmas break, him and his family sat down to put the jigsaw puzzle together. A wonderful thing to do as a family too.

Grateful for all these beautiful images - thank you Laurie.

Who Are You? jigsaw puzzle

Who Are You? jigsaw puzzle

Who Are You? jigsaw puzzle

Who Are You? jigsaw puzzle

Who Are You? jigsaw puzzle

There is worldwide distribution.
If you are a consumer, google 'Who Are You? jigsaw puzzle' and you'll find many stockists. If you are a retailer and would like to stock the puzzle then you'll find information on the Chronicle Books website for your local Chronicle Books distributor.

Happy puzzling!