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MAP : OVERTHINKING: not-so-fun fair



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Can't shut off your brain? 

Overthinking is a common issue. If you're anxiously worrying about what might happen in the future or obsessively revisiting the past, life can feel upsetting, lonely and difficult. You may start thinking about what someone said to you, and within no time might find yourself wondering where your life is going. More often than not, the worry about the issue is a lot worse than the issue itself.

Are you caught up in excessive rumination and self-criticism? You are not alone! But there is a big difference between ruminating and problem solving. 

The good news is there is a way to get off the rollercoaster, stop the loop of thoughts that wander without a direction. This map is a guide to a life free from relentless worry and endless overthinking. With repeated practice you will be able to teach your mind to nib the habit of going into overdrive. Freedom at last.

Concept and Design
Tina Bernstein
David Knight

Lottie Storey

Size: A2 (420x594mm) folded to A6 (105x148mm)

Litho-printed in London to ISO14001 environmental standard using vegetable-based inks on FSC-accredited paper.

The maps come sleeved in a clear bio-degradable and compostable cello.
Everything in our supply chain and packaging is plastic-free, environment friendly and produced in the UK.