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A bespoke Mapology Guide

A Mapology Guide can communicate a complex idea in an interesting, emotive and inclusive way.

We're always delighted to partner with businesses and organisations who share our ethos and values to help them better communicate their message by using our non-geographic mapping techniques. 

Burgess, 26, Second Home and a collaboration in partnership with NHS England are some of the organisations we've had the pleasure to work with.

To create a Mapology Guide, we utilise our large pool of specialist writers and illustrators who have been through our process and now fully understand the Mapology thinking method. 

• Mapology Guides™️ solve a specific problem for the reader in one neat,  beautiful package.
• We combine illustration with creative writing in a distinctive format that can communicate complex ideas and information and make them seem simple.
• A physical Mapology Guide is a treasured item kept on desks, in notebooks, or pinned to walls to refer to again and again over time.
• Our tangible and beautiful printed guides can reach tens of thousands, as they are incredibly cost effective to reproduce.

Collaborations are directed by Tina Bernstein.
Do you have a project we can help with? 

Get in touch if you'd like to know more about how a bespoke Mapology Guide can help as a tool, marketing material or educational map for internal use.

We'd love to have a conversation. Why not ping us an email.

We Coproduce & NHS England

We were asked to create a bespoke Mapology Guide on the subject of 'Coproduction'. In true coproduction fashion, we worked in partnership with NHS England. It has been designed to generate conversation, ideas and debate with people who coproduce regularly as well as providing an easy access starting point for those looking to learn. 

The Art of Coproduction – A Guerrilla Guide

On the main illustration side it features an animated visual representation of an artist studio, with motifs and symbols that identify the most common issues the group came across when coproducing.  Exploring the meaning of these is great fun and provokes lively discussion. It also makes a great poster to remind people of how you like to work.

Talented illustrator Nanna Koekoek (always great to work with) was our go to for this project. 

An illustrated art studio

Pet food made with care in Yorkshire. Family owned.

A feeding guide for rabbits, showing a variety of illustrated vegetables with their title and explanation when/how to eat them and if at all.

A feeding guide for rabbits

Burgess asked us to map a feeding guide for rabbits for their veterinary customers. We worked closely with Burgess' in-house vet and created a traffic light system to illustrate what foods were Daily (green) / Treats (orange) / Toxic (red) for rabbits.

Our lovely illustratorNanna Koekoek put her magic to the illustrations in record time (thank you Nanna). The map is now being reprinted for the third time, such has been its success.

Talk about your brand


We're currently offering to design a bespoke version of our gratitude map, so you can choose what you would like to see on it.
This would make a great gift for employees, for a very special occasion or person. Imagine your own 'world of gratitude'. 

As an example, here we illustrated a bespoke house for Holly & Co's shopfront. But anything on the map can be adapted and changed.

If you're interested to know more, please get in touch.