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Books on creativity


I've been fascinated by creativity since the age of 15, when I first visited the art department in the boarding school I was at. A whole world opened up to me and because I felt I was such a late bloomer, I was like a sponge lapping everything up.

I have my wonderful art teacher Mike O'Connor to thank for my insatiable appetite for everything creative. He instilled curiosity and the art of asking questions into his students. He was one of a kind, a wonderful teacher and human being. I feel so grateful and fortunate to have been touched by his magic.

A mini library

Since then, I've devoured hundreds of books on creativity, creative thinking and design thinking. I'm listing some of them here. There's hopefully something for everyone. I hope you will feel inspired to read a couple....

I might add some more books from time to time and build this out a bit. So do come back to check. Or even better, why not drop me a line and tell me what book you feel is missing here. A particular book on creativity that has helped you, that you found really different and special?

All book covers are linked so you can just order. I tried not to link to Amazon, but some titles are older and I couldn't find another stockist.