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Mise en Page in Paris

I first came across this pop-up installation ‘Mise en Page’ on Instagram back in February. Photos can tell a good story - but this was such a great and innovative idea that I absolutely had to see it IRL.

A project dreamt up by Sara Handelman (behind the now closed Colette). In fact it was also in 1998 that I travelled to Paris to see for myself the much talked about lifestyle store ‘Colette’ which had opened a year before. Towards the end of Colette they started collaborating with @jean_jullien and so a long-term working relationship was born.


Jean Jullien was also the very first illustrator I visited in his then London studio when dreaming up Mapology Guides. It was such a loose idea back then. Jean told us that we needed to have a much more concrete idea before we can commission an illustrator:)

So how could I not travel to Paris to see this latest project. When you walk into Le Bon Marché you are taken aback by the sheer size of Jean Jullien’s two Paper People which reach up to three floors. What struck me immediately is the excellent execution. You then have a whole section on the ground floor full of collaborations with selected brands.


This concept store within a department store is very impressive and essentially is all about books, literature and writing (all close to my heart).

What fascinated me most is the idea of books coming to life in this installation - as a book and print lover it was like a bit of magic.

The book themed cafe upstairs is by Phamily First - and the products are by Nounou Official - a brand collaboration byJean Jullien & Jae Huh

The cafe chairs and tables are genius. A simple idea brought to life with expert execution. The space upstairs is wonderful and you can spend many hours sitting, working, drinking coffee and buying Phamily First products, Jean Jullien’s many books or/and Nounou Official merchandise.

There’s even a Bang & Olufson x Jean Jullien speaker.

I’m so glad I visited. Thank you Sara + Jean for the inspiration ❤️💙

Mise en Page is at Le Bon Marché until 21 April.One of my favourite parts was on the upper floor.