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Stay hopefull in difficult times

Right now, the world is in turmoil - full of uncertainty. Uncertainty equals anxiety for many, but it's also true for businesses and politics and the world at large. 

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On a personal level, 2022 was an incredibly challenging year on many levels. But what I've learned over the years is that every time I go through some kind of 'hardship' or 'setbacks', I experience incredible breakthroughs. It's been like this for many years, so that a kind of pattern emerges that I now thankfully recognise.

What that does is it helps me along the way when things are tough. Don't get me wrong, I struggle like everyone else, I find it hard to accept what I'm going through. But I also in the depth of it all I already can see a light at the end of the tunnel, I hold on to hope, wisdom and the learning from past experiences. I get curious and remember that action is the antidote of despair.

Challenges turn to opportunities and failures lead to growth. All I have to do is sit through this time as best as I can, lean into it, consult my higher knowing and try look for the silver lining. 

Of course, having been through a major nervous breakdown at 26 would have prepared me for anything. But that's not quite how growth spurts work. I am comfortable not being thrown into a crisis, but I have also learned to swim in choppy waters when needed.

I know deep down when things need to change, when I'm cruising or feeling unhappy, not fulfilled or frustrated. It takes me a long time to bring what's been lurking in my subconscious into my conscious and say it out loud. That's when the me feeling a little lost begins. I believe firmly that we are only presented with difficulties when we are kind of ready. Of course no one is ready for turmoil or turbulent times - but if you dig deep, you might discover something else. You might discover that you are far more resilient than you think.

So whatever you are feeling right now, be it anxious, worried, hopeless. Please hold on to hope because the rest will fall into place. What goes up must come down. This shall pass too. Finding inner strength and belief in that life is beautiful and worth fighting for will show the way forward. Mapology Guides are here to help you.

I know that my 2023 will be a year of growth and much reward. I wish the same for you.