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How to boost your daily creativity

There is a misconception that creativity is only for artists, musicians, writers and anyone in a creative field. Truth is you can boost your daily creativity with some very simple exercises. Be open minded and playful.

Why not enlist a friend or someone who will 'play' with you. You don't have to be in the same place. Just commit to 20 minutes a couple of times a week - choose some of the exercises here below and just have a go. Try not to judge, to say: "I can't do this". Free your mind, your body and just play along.

illustrated city scape showing houses and roofs

1. Walk a different route to either work, the park or wherever you walk to. Look up, look down, discover something new, something you hadn't noticed before. Why not take a photo with your mobile. If you have an Instagram account you could start a hashtag (#) for this. Maybe 30 days of #seeingsomethingnew or #discoveringsomethingnew

2. Look at vegetables, fruit, tree branches etc. differently. Can you see a face, a letter of an alphabet... here's a cool project.

3. Get this book. It'll teach you a lot about drawing in all various ways. Start with scribbling and maybe draw your coffee cup next. 

4. Have you already done your vision board for 2023? If not, start with cutting out images and words/text. Just make a start, you can always edit later. I bet you have some magazines lying about you no longer need. Get your scissors out. 

5. Do you like writing? The Artist's Way is a great book to teach you everything you need to know about morning pages.

6. Make something 3D out of stuff you have lying around. Post-it notes, paperclips, foils, cards, glue, pens. Let your creativity go wild.

7. Experiment with cooking. Leave out one or two ingredients and exchange them with something random. 

8. Do you keep a notepad by your bed? A piece of paper will do to. Going to bed with a problem that needs solving? Make a note, go to sleep and when you wake up look at what you wrote the night before and expand on it. Who knows, the answer or solution might come to you in your sleep. 

9. Learn something new. Not good with technology? Want to learn a new language? Something business related? There are 100's of courses on most subjects. Just look at online course providers. What about skillshare, creativebug, Domestika, Masterclass

10. Create your own colouring in page. Scary? There's no right or wrong. Use a black pen if you're doing it freehand. Otherwise use a black line on the computer and then print out your masterpiece and colour it in or gift it to friends and loved ones.