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Let's all be more kind. Make this your mantra.

I will admit, I have a thing about people being unkind to strangers. I'm talking every day occurrences like talking to staff, on social media or anywhere else.

Kindness centre

Being nice can often be mistaken for weakness. Yet we know that when people do a kind act or go out of their way to be nice to someone, it goes viral on social media.

I cannot even count the times I'm in a shop and encounter a rude customer, talking down to the shop assistant - for no reason. It really angers me and I often can't stop myself and take on the customer. Being gobby and confident does have it's advantages. Standing up to bullies comes easy to me.

Please don't confuse being nice, compassionate and kind with standing up to difficult people. I like teaching them a lesson, knowing that very few people would have ever taken them on or put them in their place. It's odd for me to admit this here, but people who know me would have witnessed such occasions and I know it often made them feel uncomfortable. No one likes confrontations, but if we all look the other side, then nothing changes. I know this is not very British, but then I'm not British.

Being considerate has so many advantages. One example is holding the door for the person behind you when you exit the cinema auditorium. It's small things like this. That's what kindness and thinking of others is all about. It costs us nothing and literally takes a split of a second. I suppose being mindfulness helps.

Many people know I am a fan of living eulogies. Tell the people in your life that you care, they make you happy, they look or smell nice. Of course also tell them you love them - not just on Valentine's day. But why not complement a stranger. Strike up a conversation.

On the weekend I was in a shop. I started talking to the sales assistant. We got on really well. Many people came into the shop and we all struck up a conversation about where we're from, our work, creativity, London. It's so much fun. You learn from others, sometimes talking to strangers can be really inspiring. Sometimes they can solve a problem you are dealing with. You just never know where it takes you.

Three years ago we all experienced our first lockdowns. We are now free to mingle again, to talk to each other. It's such joy, not to be taken for granted. Let's treat everyone with the same respect. Remember that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 

Let's all be more kind. Make this your mantra.